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DOCCR Validation Study of the Research Institute on Addiction Self-Inventory (RIASA)

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2010
12 pages
This report presents the results of a validation study of the Research Institute on Addiction Self-Inventory for use with repeat offenders.
The Research Institute on Addiction Self-Inventory (RIASI) is a risk screening instrument that was designed for use with DWI (driving while intoxicated) offenders. The purpose of the tool is to assess those offenders at highest risk for reoffending due to continued chemical dependency. This study examined the predictive validity of the RIASI for use with DWI offenders and found that a smaller recidivism subscale within the RIASI was a superior predictor of DWI reoffending. The RIASI consists of 52 items that measure factors such as depression, loss of control, social skills, drinking behavior, and alcohol beliefs. The smaller recidivism scale consists of 15 items that have some relationship to subsequent arrests and convictions for DWI. These 15 items have been found to be more effective at predicting subsequent arrest for DWI than the full 52 items. Data for the study were obtained from two areas: RIASI assessment scores collected between July 2007 and April 2008 on individuals arrested for DWI, and subsequent convictions for DWI for 2-years following the date of the initial RIASI assessment. The data was analyzed to determine the ability of the initial RIASI scores to predict subsequent arrest for DWI. The analysis indicates that both the full-scale and subscale RIASI are valid risk assessment tools for use with first-time DWI offenders, however, no evidence was found of its predictive use for risk of reoffending for repeat DWI offenders. Study limitations are discussed. Tables, figures, and appendix