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Drug Abuse and Its Prevention in Malaysia (From Resource Material Series No. 64, P 108-116, 2004, Simon Cornell, ed. -- See NCJ-209027)

NCJ Number
Vong Poh Fah
Date Published
October 2004
9 pages
After an overview of the history of the drug abuse situation in Malaysia, this paper describes national policies and strategies, as well as its commitment to international cooperation in addressing the drug problem.
The fact that there is no known production of narcotics or cultivation of poppies or cannabis in Malaysia is attributed to the strict legislative proscription and enforcement regime adopted by the Malaysian Government. Still, drug abuse pervades the country due to Malaysia's geographical proximity to a major narcotics producing region, namely, the Golden Triangle, Thailand, and Cambodia. Despite Malaysia's harsh drug trafficking law, cross-border trafficking of drugs through Malaysia is still rampant. This paper summarizes the types and quantities of drugs seized by the Malaysian police over the last few years. The National Drug Agency (NDA) was established in 1996 under the Ministry of Home Affairs to assume the functions of the Narcotic Task Force and the department in charge of the treatment and rehabilitation of drug offenders. This organizational change was designed to enable the principal national drug enforcement agency to be more effective and comprehensive in combating drug abuse. The primary objective of the NDA is to ensure that all efforts to combat drug use and trafficking are well-planned, coordinated, and effective. The three-pronged approach of drug policy is primary prevention through education, targeting youth; compulsory treatment for drug addicts; and legislation that provides severe penalties, including a mandatory death penalty for those convicted of trafficking in drugs. Malaysia plays an active role in fostering regional and international cooperation in the reduction of the demand and supply of illicit drugs. 3 tables