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Drug Use Forecasting: Data Analysis of the Adult Sample, Coos County, Oregon, First Quarter 1991

NCJ Number
M W Finigan
Date Published
35 pages
Data from 51 adult male arrestees and nine adult female arrestees in Coos County (Oreg.) during the fourth quarter of 1990 formed the basis of an analysis of drug use among these arrestees.
Results revealed that more than 85 percent of the arrestees were residents of Coos County. About 44 percent of those who submitted samples for the urinalysis tested positive for drugs, compared with 33 percent from a third-quarter sample from Multnomah County. The Coos County arrestees also seemed to be more likely than Multnomah County arrestees to have had experience with a range of drugs including amphetamines, mushrooms, crystal meth, LSD, and downers. They also seemed to be currently using amphetamines to a greater degree than the Multnomah arrestees. Slightly more than 44 percent of the sample had been arrested previously for driving under the influence. Forty-one percent of the males and 33 percent of the females had injected drugs at some time in their lives. Slightly more than 42 percent of the injecting drug users had shared their needles; only 17 percent had stopped injecting drugs due to concern about AIDS. Figures and tables