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Effectiveness of the Brief Prison-Based Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment Program

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International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice Volume: 34 Issue: 2 Dated: Fall 2010 Pages: 383-390
Takayuki Harada
Date Published
8 pages
This article examines changes in policies and procedures to address the problems associated with incarcerated drug offenders in Japanese correctional institutions.
This paper describes recent changes in policy and procedures to address drug offenders in Japan. Methamphetamine use is the major substance problem as one in every eight arrestees involves a violation of the Stimulant Control Act and sentence lengths have increased in recent years. Prevalence is difficult to determine, but the drug has a long history in Japan; methamphetamines were first synthesized by a Japanese scientist in 1893 and legal use was common during World War II. New treatment and correctional approaches adopted since 2007 are discussed. Tables and references (Published Abstract)