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Examining Maryland's View on Immigrants and Immigration

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University of Baltimore Law Forum Volume: 43 Issue: 1 Dated: Fall 2012 Pages: 1-34
Elizabeth Keyes
Date Published
34 pages
This article examines the State of Maryland's views on immigrants and immigration.
This article discusses the differing views in the State of Maryland regarding immigrants and immigration. Following passage of a State law providing in-State tuition to high school students with no legal immigration status, opponents of the law tried, but failed, to have the law overturned by voter referendum. This article begins with a discussion of racial and social change in the State from a historical perspective. Maryland has often experienced polarizing extremes when it comes to dealing with various social problems, including slavery, religious tolerance, and segregation. This backdrop has led to the current situation regarding immigrants and immigration policy. The author discusses how failed Federal policy and the lack of an executive branch response to immigration have led Maryland and other States to develop and implement policies for dealing with the problems of immigration at the State and local level. Maryland's response to dealing with the problems of immigration include a rise in the number of jurisdictions actively cooperating with ICE enforcement, implementation of statewide legislation seeking restriction, the use of secure communities in some jurisdictions, implementation of the Federal REAL ID Act, passage and implementation of the Maryland DREAM Act, and development of statewide policies to encourage immigrant integration.