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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Volume 79, Issue 10, October 2010

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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Volume: 79 Issue: 10 Dated: October 2010 Pages: 1-33
John E. Ott
Date Published
October 2010
33 pages
This issue includes three primary articles on police leadership, prisoner radicalization, and police investigative procedures.
This issue includes three primary articles: 1) Prisoner Radicalization. This article examines the increasing problem of prisoner radicalization. 2) Increasing Organizational Leadership Through the Police Promotional Process. This article explores how the promotional process can impact a law enforcement agency's organizational leadership and commitment. 3) Investigating and Prosecuting Hidden-Compartment Cases. This article examines law enforcements role in successfully investigating and prosecuting hidden-compartment cases involving the trafficking of illegal drugs. This issue also includes columns on police behavior, the use of energy conservation by police departments, a brief overview of two NCJRS documents dealing with family abductions of children, and an officer's perspective on how to successfully have a fulfilling law enforcement career in conjunction with a personal life filled with vitality and happiness.