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Global Crime Report on Crime and Justice (From Enhancing International Law Enforcement Co-operation, including Extradition Measures, P 12-17, 2005, Kauko Aromma and Terhi Viljanen, eds, --See NCJ-213767)

NCJ Number
Masamba Sita
Date Published
6 pages
This chapter presents an analysis of police crime statistics from Botswana, South Africa, and Uganda in terms of the impact of transnational organized crime.
The majority of African countries are characterized by low performance of the police, low quality of the rule of law, and low human development. All three factors are strongly related to the presence and prevalence of organized crime. Police statistics of Botswana, South Africa, and Uganda are presented in three categories: offenses against the person, offenses against property, and transnational organized related crimes. The transnational organized crimes under examination are related to the Immigration Act, theft of motor vehicles, Firearms Act, terrorism, and murder in the case of trafficking in human organs. According to a trend analysis of the crime statistics, there has been a progressive increase in crimes against persons and property in all three countries. In terms of organized crime, the author points out that national organized crime tends to “form tentacles” that stretch out and eventually make connections with transnational organized crime. In order to reduce transnational organized criminal activities, the following initiatives have already been undertaken: international cooperation is being strengthened, including extradition and the Mutual Legal Aid measures and evidence-based prevention programs are being developed to help reduce the impact of transnational organized crime. Regional, sub-regional, and international work toward these two initiatives is listed. Tables, diagrams, references