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Indiana Judicial Service Report 2003 -- Volume III

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181 pages
This report presents financial data on the 2003 expenditures and revenues of Indiana’s judicial system.
Data are presented in table format with little narrative description. In Indiana, the courts of record are primarily funded through county funds while State funds cover judges’ salaries and expenses. Revenues are primarily generated through filing fees, court costs, fines, and litigant user fees. The grand total of all court expenditures in Indiana for calendar year 2003 was $176,259,243. During 2003, State revenue for Indiana’s courts reached $76,779,839, while local revenue was $10,381,407 and county revenue reached $76,910,597. The total 2003 revenue of the Indiana judicial system was $164,071,843. The report also contains a roster of trial court personnel and court reporter financial information on fees collected for preparation of transcripts for hearings and depositions. This is volume III in a three volume series. Volume I presents an overview of the Indiana judicial system and 2003 summary court and fiscal data for all Indiana courts, while volume II offers 2003 caseload information for every court in Indiana. Figures, tables