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Innovation Exchange

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Innovation Exchange Issue: 5 Dated: (Summer 1995) Pages: complete issue
R Geva, N Shapira
Date Published
62 pages
This publication describes innovations in Israeli law enforcement, crime prevention, incarceration, and legislation.
The innovations are categorized according to technology, management, crime prevention, identification and investigation, international cooperation, corrections, and research. Specific attention is paid to bomb disposal, new technology and equipment, communication improvements, satellite signals, rifle testing, the impact of the Middle East process on the Israel National Police, total quality management in the police organization, and police violence. Crime prevention initiatives are also examined, as well as the training of police arson investigators, the use of dogs in arson investigations, automatic fingerprint identification, rescue by mass spectrometry, parent education in prisons, prisoner rights, aggression, the employment of released inmates, crime prevention and rehabilitation through religion, and the criminal justice system in the 21st century. Photographs