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Inquiry into the Exploitation of People Through Trafficking, in all its Forms in NSW

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Date Published
December 2013
40 pages
This paper examines the problem of exploitation of people through trafficking in New South Wales, Australia.
This report by the Community Relations Commission of New South Wales (NSW) examines the problem of exploitation of people through trafficking in that territory. Key findings from the report are: 1) the need to strengthen the response of the NSW government to this problem in line with a human rights framework; 2) the need to undertake legal and policy reform; 3) the need to improve outcomes for trafficked persons; 4) the need to enhance knowledge and awareness of the problem; and 5) the need for more research on the issue. Previous research has shown that Australia is a destination country for human trafficking, and as such, the problem of exploitation of trafficked persons is an issue that needs to be more completely addressed. The Community Relations Commission for a multicultural NSW undertook an inquiry into the problem, and based on their findings, published this report. The report includes a set of 15 recommendations to help address human trafficking and slavery in NSW. The recommendations are tied to the five findings. The findings indicate that to date, the NSW Government has not established a coordinated policy to deal with this problem. It is hoped that the recommendations put forth in this report will enable all levels of government to build a degree of understanding of how human trafficking, slavery, and associated exploitation play out in the social, political, and economic environment. Appendixes