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Join the Resolution: The Maryland ADR Commission's Practical Action Plan

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 1999
83 pages
This report describes the goals and operation of the Maryland Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Commission.
The ADR Commission was created to help improve the way society manages conflict. The Commission is working to advance the use of mediation and other ADR processes in schools, neighborhoods, businesses, government agencies, and other areas to help prevent disputes from reaching a stage at which court intervention is needed. The field of ADR includes mediation, arbitration, settlement conferencing, and consensus building, which help people resolve disputes peacefully and often in a manner that improves relationships and builds social skills. The Commission plans to work with other groups and individuals to, among other things: (1) launch a comprehensive public awareness campaign about ADR and its benefits; (2) incorporate ADR into the core curricula at Maryland colleges, universities, and professional schools; (3) create a non-profit Community Mediation Association, establish stable funding for community mediation services, and help develop new community mediation programs; (4) promote a "no retaliation" principle to protect victims and alleged offenders who decline to participate in mediation; and (5) establish a State Dispute Resolution Office to promote and coordinate continued ADR use in Maryland. Table