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Juvenile Recidivism Report, 2013

NCJ Number
Robyn Dumont
Date Published
June 2013
73 pages
This report summarizes recidivism data for four groups of youth involved with Maine's Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) between 2006 and 2011: diverted youth, supervised youth, committed youth, and discharged youth.
Although the time frame for measuring recidivism for each group differs, recidivism for all groups is either re-adjudication as a juvenile or conviction as an adult. Between 2006 and 2011, recidivism decreased for all four groups. The number of supervised youth decreased by 38 percent, the number of discharged youth by 23 percent, the number of committed youth by 10 percent, and the number of diverted youth by 6 percent. Youth who recidivated within the 2-year time frame were most likely to recidivate within the first 3 months, and more than half who reoffended did so within 9 months. Recidivism rates are reported and compared by county. Average age has remained stable across the study years for all groups, as has gender. The proportion of minority youth, however, has been increasing for all groups. Among the groups, the committed group's percentage of minority youth is the furthest from the minority's proportion in the population. Data are also reported by offense type. Extensive tables and figures