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Law and Order, Volume 59, Issue 2, February 2011

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 59 Issue: 2 Dated: February 2011 Pages: 1-148
Steve Tracy; Yesenia Salcedo; Susan Geoghegan; Gary Hoelzer
Date Published
February 2011
148 pages
This issue contains a buyer's guide for law enforcement equipment and the dealers and distributors who provide it, as well as articles on what's new in firearms, electric vehicle safety training, the development of a nationwide license plate recognition database, and "hot spots" policing.
The 2011 Buyer's Guide provides listings of manufacturers of and dealers for police equipment as well as a directory of product codes that shows the categories of products that each company sells. "What's New in Firearms," presents an overview of the new law enforcement firearms and accessories introduced at the 2011 IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Conference in Orlando, FL. "OnStar Sponsors Electric Vehicle Safety Training," reports on the collaboration among OnStar, Chevrolet, and the National Fire Protection Association in providing training in electric vehicle safety for first responders. "Vigilant Video Teams with Law Enforcement," describes the partnership between Vigilant Video and National Vehicle Service (NVS) in providing law enforcement agencies with the first nationwide license plate recognition database. "Common Patrol Areas: Hot Sports Policing," discusses how "hot spots" (areas of high crime concentration) policing can reduce crime rates by focusing law enforcement resources in high-incident areas where they are most needed. Information is also provided from the magazine's departments. This includes information on 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) as the future of communications and interoperability, general news, police finance, social networking, background investigation (psychological screening), advertiser index, and product descriptions.