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Law and Order, Volume 60, Issue 5, May 2012

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 60 Issue: 5 Dated: May 2012 Pages: 1-88
Jennifer Gavigan
Date Published
May 2012
88 pages
Following a report on the Michigan State Police tire test, three articles describe the features of police "uniforms and accessories;" three articles pertain to in-car computing; four articles address issues relevant to women in law enforcement; and a feature article describes the latest police handgun, shotgun, and rifle ammunition.
"Michigan State Police Tire Tests" presents the results of testing of tires appropriate for police vehicles. "External Vest Carriers" profiles external carriers that improve heat-related comfort while providing the same level of ballistic protection as concealable armor. "Wearable Video Recording Devices for Law Enforcement" describes video recording devices that can be worn directly on police uniforms; this makes then safer and practical in providing evidence in the event of a lawsuit related to an officer's actions. "NAUMD Names Best Dressed Public Safety Departments" lists the 2012 "Best Dressed" winners from departments across the country. "State-of-the Art in ALPR" reports on new automated license plate readers that now combine the latest in high-definition, recognition, and searches. "The Latest in Digital Mobile Video" reports on digital mobile video capabilities that include pre-event and post-event recording, high image resolution, quick data transfer, and multi-camera options. APS ReportBeam E-Ticketing...From Start to Finish" describes a system of electronic traffic tickets that is speedier, safer, and more accurate than traditional ticketing procedures. "Building Warrior Women Conference," "Lifting for Women," "Solutions to Common Barriers for Female Officers," and "Challenges and Recommendations for Women Police Leaders" focus on gender-specific issues that can improve the policing proficiency and status of women police officers. "Latest Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Police Ammo" describes some of the latest ammunition offerings specifically geared for police use. Magazine "Departments" report on task proficiency, education, discipline, social networking, recent policing news, fleet management, and selected product specifications.