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Law and Order, Volume 61, Issue 6, June 2013

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 61 Issue: 6 Dated: June 2013 Pages: 1-64
Jennifer Gavigan
Date Published
June 2013
64 pages
Nine feature articles address various aspects of investigative technologies and procedures for countering crime.
"The Latest in Mobile Digital Video" describes advances in mobile digital-video recording technology that assists law enforcement. "Investigating Big Crimes in Small Towns" advises that law enforcement agencies in small towns should use established checklists and help from a more experienced agency in investigating major crimes. "Precrime Detecting" discusses the use of geographic mapping as well as the analysis of social and economic trends in neighborhoods as a means of anticipating and countering certain types of crime. "The Value of Mobile Data in Criminal Investigations" advises that the best way to understand the power of mobile forensics technology is to see it in action. "Community Redevelopment Policing Unit" advises that this unit should feature an aggressive, innovative, policing model that emphasizes prevention, community outreach, education, and problem-solving. "CIT Programs Offer Real Solutions": recommends that crisis intervention training (CIT) assist in solving many problems before they escalate to situations that require higher levels of force. "Eleven Questions Highlight Domestic Violence Threat" promotes a Lethality Assessment screen, which is a questionnaire that contains 11 questions used by police to determine a domestic-violence victim's potential for being killed by her/his intimate partner. "Wiley-X Black Ops Polarized" announces that polarized lenses are now available in the three top-selling Black Ops styles; features are described. "Solutions to the Stress of Technology" advises that police departments should embrace today's technology and commit to a strategy for managing police officer stress, including comprehensive wellness programs. Articles from the magazine's departments address job-related issues, discipline, equipment, management, and mission-critical systems.