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Leadership Program's Violence Prevention Project

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Lisa Chauveron
Date Published
3 pages
This Web-based article from the Office of Justice Programs examines the Leadership Program's Violence Prevention Project.
The Leadership Program's Violence Prevention Project is a program developed to prevent violence among middle and high school students by enhancing the conflict-resolution skills of both male and female students. The program works primarily by focusing on improving student communication and developing relationship-building skills. This Web-based article presents the results of a study that evaluated the effectiveness of the Violence Prevention Project (VPP). The study found that students who participated in the VPP had lower rates of growth for verbal and physical aggressive behavior and antisocial strategies than students who did not participate in the VPP. In addition, students who did not participate in the VPP increased their verbal aggression and antisocial strategies in resolving conflicts over time, while students in the program tended to walk away from conflicts rather than escalate them or seek help. The study also found that program participants' tolerance for aggression remained stable over time, compared to non-participants who saw their acceptance of aggression increase over time. Data for the study were obtained from two smaller studies that examined the effect of the VPP program on student attitudes toward and use of aggressive behavior. The study's findings suggest that the VPP program is an effective tool for reducing the use of aggressive behavior among middle and high school students. References