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Management of Police Specialized Tactical Units, Second Edition

NCJ Number
Tomas C. Mijares Ph.D.; Ronald M. McCarthy
Date Published
307 pages
This second edition of The Management of Police Specialized Tactical Units is a significant updating of many of the chapters of the previous edition, as the book explains steps for developing and maintaining a realistic, effective response to increasing levels of violent crime.
This book presents steps for developing and maintaining a realistic, effective response to increasing levels of sophisticated violent crime. It identifies and discusses the social and political matters that must be continuously defined, identified, and resolved prior to the implementation of any substantive or procedural change in tactical policy. In addressing these issues, the book is concerned with the advanced management functions of developing organizational structure, policies, personnel, and resources required to manage critical incidents. The book also discusses media relations, relations with other criminal justice agencies, and intra-departmental politics. Another recurring theme in the book is the responsibility of the law enforcement agency and its supervisory and administrative personnel to follow legal guidelines in the formation and operation of the tactical unit. At appropriate points in the book certain legal precedents as presented in appellant judicial opinions are provided. The book also makes extensive use of actual field experiences that illustrate various points. The management model suggested in this book can be applied to other areas of law enforcement. Approximately 130 references and a subject index