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Meeting the Challenge of Crime in the Global Village: An Assessment of the Role of Future of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

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Christopher D. Ram
Date Published
145 pages
This book examines the effectiveness of the United Nations (UN) Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice as a collective response to crime at the domestic and transnational level.
Findings suggest that although the Commission and the work it mandates are abstract, long-term and difficult to quantify, the benefits are substantial when compared with the relatively small investment it demands from the member states. The fundamental function of the Commission lies not in the specific resolutions, mandates, and reports that it produces, but in the forum it provides for the exchange of political perspectives and substantive expertise and the development of consensus-based responses to crime thereby providing substantive validity and political legitimacy. Sections include information on defining crime, transnational crime, and international crime; establishment, history, and nature of the UN Crime Commission; substantive work and mandates of the Commission; major functions of the UN Crime Commission; current issues, challenges, and obstacles to the Commission performing basic functions; and possible reforms and development of ideas and proposals for the future. A detailed final analysis is provided as the conclusion. Bibliography