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Mentoring in the Criminal Justice Professions: Conveyance of the Craft

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Frank A. Colaprete Ed.D.
Date Published
309 pages
This book examines mentoring and its applications to the criminal justice environment, and provides the means to make the theory of mentoring an institutionalized practical reality within the criminal justice environment.
Mentoring provides a framework in which to interact, support, transfer knowledge, and guide a protege to a desired goal. For the criminal justice professions, the mentoring concept is really in its infancy stage of development. This book provides a blueprint of mentoring theory and practice, testing, evaluation, research, and a knowledge of what works and what does not that will strengthen both the employee and the employer far beyond most other types of training and development that are offered. The book discusses methods to develop mentoring programs and systems in the varied criminal justice professions of law enforcement, corrections, probation, and parole environments. The text provides personal examples of successful mentoring and exercises to bring the concept to practice and thereby assist with the transfer of learning. Precepts are presented, which involves the positive and negative aspects of mentoring, and the insight to prevent loss of valuable knowledge and experience. Mentoring provides for continuous improvement practices with contemporary concepts and maximizes relationship building and networking in the organization. Appendixes A-C, bibliography, and index