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In the Name of Submission - A Painful Look at Wife Battering

NCJ Number
K M Strom
Date Published
139 pages
This book for physically abused wives examines factors contributing to abuse and what can be done about it.
A vignette, based on a compilation of the stories of many battered women, illustrates some of the dynamics of abusive relationships. In the context of this vignette, myths about wife abuse are examined; characteristics of abusers are delineated, including their poor communication and interpersonal skills, sex-role stereotypical attitudes, insecurity, and inability to accept responsibility for their behavior. Economic dependence, the presence of children, fear, guilt, and hopes for change are identified as factors contributing to the maintenance of the abusive relationship. The role of religious and sociocultural values advocating wifely submission in maintaining such relationships is examined separately. To end the abuse, but not the marriage, abused wives are encouraged to develop and use a support system, leave the home during violent episodes, and file a court action if necessary to effect change. The role of friends and the church in helping and healing the battered woman is emphasized. Appendixes provide listings of service and information resources and books, pamphlets, and tapes.