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National Institute Host Program, Phase 4 - Final Report

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E J Albright; M Booth
Date Published
This report assesses how well the Host Program, set up in 1976, promoted the sharing of advanced criminal justice practices through site visits, by surveying 42 visitors to 11 of the 15 Host sites.
A total of 31 (89 percent) of the visitors adopted the Host project visited or adapted project components and techniques. Of these, 21 report beneficial results based on these adoptions, including improving program effectiveness, cost savings, and increased community acceptance. Host visits were especially important to those in initial implementing phases. Many cited the value of having a model after which to pattern their projects, explaining that problems could be anticipated and startup costs reduced. A total of 23 visitors shared their Host site experience with other officials, and 8 informed others about the program. Appendixes, forming the bulk of the report, include a list of Host Program visitors, site and project descriptions, visitor reports, and program materials used by the Criminal Justice Task Force of the Urban Consortium which suggested research activities.