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National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Reports, No. 215, July/August 1989

NCJ Number
George F. Cole
Date Published
30 pages
This document contains articles about innovations in collecting and enforcing fines, proposed new anticrime measures, and the Drug Use Forecasting system. It also contains abstracts of other publications on topics of interest to criminal justice professionals.
The lead article examines why some courts are successful in collecting fines while others are not, as well as the effects of organizational context and sentencing structure on effective collection and enforcement, and it highlights efforts to deal with these issues. A second article looks briefly at a program to strengthen Federal anticrime laws, augment enforcement efforts, and enhance prosecution. The third major article presents findings from the Drug Use Forecasting system. The document contains abstracts of publications on juvenile courts and how they handle drug and alcohol cases; corrections; courts; criminology; drugs and crime; juvenile justice; law enforcement; offenses; probation and parole; reference and statistics; technology and systems; and victims. Figures