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National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy: Unclassified Summary

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2007
6 pages
The National Drug Control Strategy aims to improve Federal counterdrug efforts on the Nation's Southwest border with Mexico by focusing on intelligence collection and information sharing, interdiction at and between ports of entry, aerial surveillance and interdiction of smuggling aircraft, investigations and prosecutions, countering drug-related financial crime, and cooperation with Mexico.
Federal agencies will increase the resources and personnel dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence regarding drug trafficking across the Southwest border. Also, Federal law enforcement and intelligence communities will enhance the integration of the various existing intelligence and operational centers in the Southwest border region. Further, U.S. agencies will work through existing forums to improve the sharing of information, as appropriate, with their Mexican counterparts. Because large quantities of drugs continue to be smuggled through the dozens of legitimate ports of entry on the Southwest border, the strategy will include further improvements against drug trafficking while minimizing disruption in legitimate travel across the border. These improvements will include the use of ground-breaking technology and proven tactics, such as the use of K-9 units. Between the ports of entry, the U.S. Border Patrol will increase its operational capabilities by increasing personnel and improving access to key information for those in the field. Also, Federal agencies will increase their cooperation with one another and with State and local entities in expanding the reach and effectiveness of border law enforcement operations. Countermeasures for aerial drug smuggling will be improved through increased staffing, enhanced technology, and the integration of additional air assets. Other improvements will focus on increased staffing, resources, and cooperation in investigations and prosecutions, stemming the flow of bulk cash from drug sales going from the United States into Mexico, and strengthening cooperation with Mexican authorities in specific counterdrug measures.