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National Survey of Youth, 1967

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M Gold; J R Williams
Date Published
This document contains the variable numbers, names, and locations, as well as the codebook for the 1967 National Survey of Youth, a measurement of the frequency and seriousness of delinquency, detected and undetected, among a representative sample of American boys and girls aged 13-16.
The 847 interviews elicited information about the teenagers' family characteristics, including parents' education, job history, and family size; attitudes toward school; school grades; peer group activities; and job aspirations. Respondents were asked to indicate which of 16 offenses they had committed in the previous 3 years and the circumstances of each offense. The teenagers' reports of delinquency were checked against official delinquency records. Two data files are available: one with the individual respondent as the unit of analysis (50 cards of data per respondent and 828 variables) and one with each incidence of an offense as the unit of analysis (1,597 variables).