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National White Collar Crime Center Annual Report 2013

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This is the 2013 calendar year annual report of the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), a non-profit organization that supports State, local, Federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies in preventing, investigating, and prosecuting economic and high-tech crime.
In 2013, NW3C developed innovative ways to train law enforcement professionals in new technologies and familiarize them with the tactics currently used by the perpetrators of economic and high-tech crime. During the year, NW3C delivered 435 training courses to 10,392 law enforcement personnel from 5,028 agencies in 39 States. Webinars conducted by NW3C in 2013 received 7,391 registrations. Several of these online seminars focused on social media and Internet investigations. NW3C also used the Internet to introduce a digital news magazine, which acts as a forum for sharing current news, investigative tips, and information relevant to law enforcement professionals who investigate white-collar crimes. A total of 141,623 analytical products were created, and 10,335 public record searches were conducted. Throughout 2013, NW3C conducted research and analysis and prepared charts and graphs, as requested by members agencies. NW3C also partnered with the White Collar Crime Research Consortium to develop a definition of "white-collar crime." It is defined as "any violation of law committed through non-violent means, involving lies, omissions, deceit, misrepresentation, or violation of a position of trust, by an individual or organization for personal or organizational benefit." NW3C also partnered with the FBI in operating the Internet Crime Complaint Center. NW3C's key partnerships are listed.