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New South Wales Criminal Courts Statistics 2004

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154 pages
This publication presents statistical information on the activities of the Criminal Courts of New South Wales in 2004.
Statistical tables offer information on criminal cases within the local, children’s, district, supreme, and licensing courts of New South Wales that were finalized in 2004. Data from 2003 is also presented to allow for comparisons. During 2004, local courts demonstrated an increase in the number of persons with finalized cases, up to 135,497 cases in 2004 compared with 133,105 in 2003. Of these cases, the most frequently charged offense was road traffic and motor vehicle regulatory offenses. Children’s court also experienced an increase in persons charged and cases finalized in 2004, up to 8,125 cases compared with 7,903 cases in 2003. The most frequently imposed principal penalty in children’s court during 2004 was bond. Licensing court charged a total of 427 persons in 2004, with public order offenses, such as gambling, being the most frequently charged offense. Finally, the number of cases registered in the higher courts remained relatively stable, with 3,703 cases registered in 2003 and 3,765 cases registered in 2004. Of the 3,765 cases registered in higher courts during 2004, 2,323 of these cases were committed for trial. There is very little narrative description of the statistical information. Tables, appendixes


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