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Personnel Manual - Montgomery County Department of Police

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This manual presents personnel policy and examines directives in the following areas: rights and responsibilities; disciplinary process; tardiness; employee complaint/grievance procedure; grooming standards; department uniform regulations; laundry procedures; police credentials; reimbursement for watches lost or damaged; sidearms and holsters; sick leave; overtime compensation; temporary reassignment to staff duties; medical examinations; physical fitness development program; in-service training coordination; travel in conjunction with training, meetings, and conferences; and nominations to the FBI National Academy, the Southern Police Institute, and similar institutions.
The directive devoted to rights and responsibilities has the purpose of establishing rules and regulations relating to the conduct and responsibilities of department employees. The policy of the Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Police is to ensure that all employees maintain an exemplary standard of personal integrity and ethical conduct in their relationship with other employees and the community. The rules and regulations, designed to serve as a professional standard governing the employees' conduct, pertain to the following: conformance to law, authority to suspend, conflicting and/or illegal orders, abuse of process, abuse of authority, use of force, integrity of the reporting system, punctuality, attentiveness to duty/use of alcohol/drugs, telephone maintenance, identification, gratuities, secondary employment, conduct unbecoming, soliciting/endorsements, neglect of duty/unsatisfactory performance, maintenance of property, pay account withheld for unreturned equipment, wearing the uniform, mutual protection, untruthful statements, courtesy, property, and meal periods.