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Police Union Power, Politics, and Confrontation in the 21st Century: New Challenges, New Issues, Second Edition

NCJ Number
Ron DeLord; John Burpo; Michael Shannon; Jim Spearing
Date Published
351 pages
This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date book on police unions, encompassing the many changes that have taken place in the field since the first edition.
The intent of this second edition is to bring new perspectives and ideas for police labor leaders during a time of great challenge. It includes major revisions and updates from the first edition. Police labor leaders need to understand the principles at work in every community which will allow them their organizations succeed. These principles concern the accumulation and effective use of power as the primary means of achieving a police labor organization’s goals. Divided into eight primary parts, each part of this book examines one facet of power. Part 1 defines the concept of power; part 2 discusses the building blocks of internal and external power and how a police association can build power; part 3 looks at the ultimate source of association power-politics, union endorsements; part 4 examines the importance of association-media relations strategy, techniques for dealing with the media; part 5 discusses the importance of confrontations as a means to maintain respect, ethics, and tactics; part 6 explores disorganized labor, the American Policing Model, decentralized labor laws, and the greatest challenges facing American Policing; part 7 and 8 evaluate American and international case studies to show how the book’s principles actually work. In addition to the above, a historical perspective of the police labor movement is provided, with the first significant updating of the state of the police labor movement in over 25 years. Appendixes