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Policy and Procedures Guide for Creating Safe Schools

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R D Stephens; J L Arnette
Date Published
105 pages
Pennsylvania's Center for Safe Schools commissioned the National School Safety Center to prepare a comprehensive document addressing issues, individuals, and organizations involved in operating and managing a safe school environment.
The resulting Policy and Procedure Guide for Creating Safe Schools is designed to help school administrators develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive and systematic safe school plan and understand key elements involved in the safe school planning process. The guide also focuses on specific steps and activities involved in developing a safe school plan, skills needed to conduct a school site assessment, legal aspects of safe school planning, the creation of a positive school environment that builds self-confidence in students, school safety implementation and evaluation techniques, model school safety ideas and strategies, and safe school policies. The guide considers factors that affect school safety, the establishment of a safe school planning team, data collection, school crime tracking and recordkeeping, security practices, crime prevention through environmental design, student rights and responsibilities, community support, parental involvement, and working with the media. Sample questionnaires and checklists that can be used in safe school planning are appended, as well as sample plans and policies. 1 figure