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Practical Planning Guide for Community Corrections Managers

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34 pages
A 7-phase planning model is presented to assist the community corrections manager to be a leader in planning for the criminal justice community.
From the manager's perspective, there are several points to consider as the manager works through this model: routine assessment, building in broad involvement and commitment, appointing a project manager, and the project manager's leadership ability. Phase 1 identifies community interests and offender requirements. The manager gathers information that will be used as a foundation for defining the current state. Phase 2 surveys services and resources. Available services and resources that are internal and/or external to the organization are identified. Phase 3 updates the mission, revisiting the purpose of the business, and comparing the information gathered during Phase 1 and 2 with the mission statement. Phase 4 analyzes gaps where intermediate sanctions are selected, developed, or strengthened. Phase 5 creates criteria for evaluation and determines whether the objectives meet the program goals. Phase 6 plans for and takes action, and Phase 7 evaluates the action. 16 figures and 5 references