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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: California State Profile

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August 2018
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Information and data are provided for California's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), which is named "CURES."
The administering agency for CURES is the California Department of Justice, which is classified as a law enforcement agency. Website addresses are provided for CURES enrollment, queries, and data upload. Contact information is provided for the CURES Administrator and manager. Data for 2017 cover the state population (39,776,830), DEA registered prescribers (187,860), and DEA registered dispensers (6,596). CURES available reports are listed. For 2018, CURES funding sources are reported, along with staff number for employees involved in operational duties (12), technical responsibilities (5), analytical tasks (6), and "other" (0). Key dates for CURES address authorizing legislation (1939), when operational (1939), and when electronic reporting began (2007). Websites for relevant statutes and rules are provided. The reporting frequency for data monitored or accessible is 7 days. Reporting is required for controlled substances in schedules II, III, IV, and V, as well as marijuana. Reports are required for lost/stolen prescription drugs. CURES miscellaneous capabilities and policies are listed. PDMP enrollment and use are required for prescribers and dispensers. Information on PDMP accounts, law enforcement requirements (active investigation, subpoena, court order/approval, and search warrant) are indicated. Law enforcement access methods for CURES include online/web portal and written request. Other information provided on CURES pertains to criteria for a query, data retention, requestor training, technological capabilities, requestors and reports authorized for production, and requestors and reports being produced.