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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: Legislative Update, 2018 Third Quarter

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Date Published
October 2018
167 pages
This is the 2018 Third Quarter Legislative Update of federal and state legislative bills, laws, and regulations related to prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs).
This report informs PDMP stakeholders, including PDMP administrators and federal and state legislators, about state and federal legislative bills, laws, and regulations that affect the design, features, functions, and limitations of PDMPs. This report not only summarizes the provisions of recently introduced PDMP-related legislative bills, enacted laws, and regulations; it also monitors the status of previously introduced bills. A table lists the number of a bill or law in the left column, adjoined by a column that summarizes the provisions of the legislation. The full text of the legislation can be accessed by clicking on a bill's number. Bills and regulations presented in italics signify they have been enacted or adopted by their respective states.