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Presidential Commission Issues Final Report on Model State Drug Laws

NCJ Number
Chiefs of Police National Drug Task Force Journal Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Pages: 5-11
Date Published
7 pages
This report summarizes a comprehensive and interrelated set of antidrug laws developed by the President's Commission on Model State Drug Laws.
Mandated by the United States Congress in 1992, the commission intended to reduce illegal drug use and to coordinate prevention, education, treatment, enforcement, and corrections efforts. To accomplish its mission, the commission conducted public hearings, visited drug treatment programs, and met with numerous organizations and individuals. The resulting model laws focus on such areas as economic remedies, community mobilization, crimes code enforcement, and the creation of a drug-free environment. Legislation on economic remedies is designed to destroy the immense financial profits of illegal drug enterprises by regulating the forfeiture of their property and by penalizing money laundering. Several laws enlist the collaboration of the community in evicting drug traffickers, forbidding convicted drug dealers to return to their former turf, enlisting volunteers by providing civil immunity, creating neighborhood drug opposition groups, and coordinating drug policy formulation. Crimes code enforcement includes legislation on many aspects of the drug problem including prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This section also provides for drug testing, drug treatment, and the training of qualified treatment personnel. Provisions for a drug-free environment protect family, workplace, and schools from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Since each State has different drug problems, it will have to adapt the model law to its own needs. 19 references


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