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Priority Recommendations and Projected Costs Proposed by the Mayor's Council on Gangs

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This is a set of action steps to mobilize community efforts to reduce the incidence and prevalence of youth gang crimes.
In developing action steps, the Mayor's Council on Gangs integrated concerns, resources, and planning across local, State, and Federal jurisdictions, including strategies that focus on individual or family change and those that emphasize system change and development or provision of additional resources. Some of the key issues addressed by the Council included boot camps; the Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program (SHOCAP); social workers in the educational arena; youth employment; staff training; preschool care; media reduction of violent content in programming; athletics, music and recreational activities in schools and community centers; mentorship; and public safety and community policing. Each issue is described in some detail, along with suggested action steps for implementation, timelines and estimated costs. The document includes statistics on teenage deaths in the State of New Mexico and gangs in Albuquerque. Tables, figures, appendixes, references