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Prisons and Prison Systems: A Global Encyclopedia

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Mitchel P. Roth
Date Published
387 pages
This book contains information on prisons and prison systems around the world.
This book contains information on prisons and prison systems around the world, as well as information on penal theories, prisoner culture and life, and notable prisoners and personnel. The book is intended to serve as a prison reference book, offering the most current research available on all prison systems in the world, famous prison reformers, famous prisoners, and prison architecture and architects. The book is divided into several sections: 1) Alphabetical list of entries; 2) Topical list of entries; 3) Preface; 4) Introduction; 5) Chronology; and 6) The Encyclopedia. The 14 appendixes cover the following topics: Prison Museums, Some Famous Prisoners and Their Prison History, Writings by Prisoners, Writings by Prison Employees, Prison Architects and Visionaries, United States Federal Correctional Institutions, Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, Selections from Alcatraz Prison Regulations, National Prison Congress Declaration of Principles (1870), The Mutual Welfare League, Plan for a Penitentiary Inspection House, General Prison Argot and Slang, French Prison Slang from Devil's Island, and Soviet Slang from the Gulags. Bibliography and index