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Private Security in America: An Introduction

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Clifford E. Simonsen
Date Published
447 pages
This broad scoped introductory text examined the industry of private security from a historical perspective to forecasting into the 21st Century, providing an overview for the many divisions and operations composing private security.
This text was developed for students to acquaint themselves with the development of societies, the methods for protecting the members of these societies, and the growth of private security. The text builds from a historical presentation to predictions for the 21st Century for the field of private security. The text begins with Chapter One and the concept and development of private security followed by 13 chapters consisting of: (1) the development of security into a profession, ethics, and standards and training; (2) the scope, organization, and growth of private security from 1970 to 1990; (3) the examination of the evolving roles of public police, the citizen, and private security; (4) the security career fields of aviation and airport security, banking and financial services security, and healthcare security; (5) the examination of a number of general security tasks and their affect on operational environments; (6) the role of the security manager and the placement of the security operation within the organization; (7) the importance of risk analysis for a viable and cost-effective security operation; (8) the impact in the growth of litigation in security operations on those companies served by security programs; (9) the examination of the union of planning, training, and deploying security personnel with developing technologies to provide security; (10) an examination of crime prevention’s development as a major part of the security function; (11) a discussion and description of relationship with security developers and providers of technology; (12) a discussion of how all the elements of security planning and operations could be considered within the project design phase; and (13) a look to the 21st Century and the fusion of private security, law enforcement, and technology. Glossary and resources