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Protocol for the Placement of Children and Young People Aged 14-17 in Breach of a Gang Injunction

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Date Published
June 2012
12 pages
This report from the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales contains the protocol for the placement of children and young people aged 14-17 in breach of a gang injunction.
This protocol from the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales was developed to accompany the Statutory Guidance: Injunctions to Prevent Gang-Related Violence in accordance with the Policing and Crime Act 2009. The Act was amended in 2010 to permit gang injunctions to be made against 14-17 year olds and to enable any breach of the injunction to be enforced. A gang injunction has two primary aims: to prevent the respondent from engaging in, or encouraging or assisting, gang-related violence; and/or to protect the respondent from gang-related violence. Breach of such an injunction is considered a civil contempt of court, not a criminal offense, and 14-17 year olds who breach an injunction can be given a suspension order or a detention order. This report provides information on how a placement decision will be made for youth in violation of an injunction; the placement process; transportation arrangements; planning and review; family visits; legal visits/representatives of the local authority; complaints and representations; safeguarding arrangements and responsibilities; and release. Annex