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Public Order Policing: Contemporary Perspectives on Strategy and Tactics

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Mike King; Nigel Brearley
Date Published
126 pages
This book highlights the major "watersheds" in the policing of political, industrial, festival, and urban disorders in Great Britain.
The book's content is presented in three distinct but overlapping strands. First, it offers a critical analysis of the way the "crowd" is represented in contemporary police public-order training. Second, it provides an empirical "snapshot" review under a four-fold typology of the changing forms of policing and disorder from 1968 to the present. Third, it considers the arguments for change in public-order policing strategy and tactics in the context of a series of interviews conducted with senior police officers in England and Wales. The conclusion draws together the main threads of the analysis and points to current indicators that suggest change in the direction of enhancing both proactive and reactive strategic and tactical forms of public order policing in association with the changing organizational form of the policing system generally. The authors also argue that the basis of current public-order policing may well be compromised by the increasing tendency toward an apparent fragmentation of economic, social, and ethical interests within contemporary society. A 250-item bibliography and a subject index