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Racist and Far Right Organizing in the Pacific Northwest

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This report explores the manifestations of the violent white supremacist movement and the subtler forms of bigotry practiced by the Christian Patriot and Christian Identity groups and others on the far right.
The Christian Identity and Christian Patriot movements have grown to new levels of strength in the Pacific Northwest and are beginning to test their ability to influence community mores and public policy. The Christian Identity movement is a racist theological movement popular throughout the white supremacist movement. Group members believe that black people and other persons of color represent a lower form of humanity than whites and that Jews are literally the "seed of Satan." The Christian Patriot movement is a largely anarchic body that contends the United States is rightfully a "white" republic, not a democracy. The Aryan Nations has emerged as the umbrella structure for several neo-Nazi groups in the Pacific Northwest and advocates racially-motivated violence. The largest Christian Patriot operation in the Pacific Northwest is an organization known as the Populist Party which began in 1984 as a coalition of racists interested in participating in the political process. Populist Party organizations currently exist in Washington and Montana.