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Racist Violence: Report of the National Inquiry Into Racist Violence in Australia

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552 pages
This report presents the findings and recommendations initiated to examine an apparent increase in the incidence of racially motivated violence against Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia.
Information was gathered from public hearings, written testimony, formal meetings and informal discussions with community organizations, commissioned studies, and surveys. The analysis concluded that racist violence, intimidation, and harassment are social problems resulting from racism in Australian society rather than isolated acts of maladjusted individuals and are perpetrated mainly by young, male Anglo- Australians. Recommended actions include active leadership and legislation by the Federal government, the establishment of a new criminal offense of racist violence and intimidation, increased penalties for crimes involving racist motivation, and establishment and implementation of anti-racist policies and strategies in the police, public housing agencies, and other agencies and institutions. Chapter notes and appended lists of sources, texts of anti-discrimination laws from several countries and Australian States, guidelines for developing anti-racist policies in agencies and institutions, and chart listing alleged


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