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Report on the Drug Addiction Treatment Centre Admissions 2011

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This report from the Correctional Services Department in Hong Kong presents data on drug addiction treatment center admissions during 2011.
Highlights from this report on drug addiction treatment center (DATC) admissions in Hong Kong include the following: 1,211 sentenced drug addicts were admitted to the DATC program in 2011, a decrease of 10.9 percent from 2010; 22.9 percent of admissions were between the ages of 14 and 20, with the median age for all admissions being 26 for males and 29 for females; among young drug addicts, 95.7 percent started taking drugs before the age of 19, while 60 percent of adult addicts started taking drugs before age 21; and 61.4 percent of young addicts started taking drugs "out of curiosity." This report was compiled by the Correctional Services Department in Hong Kong as part of its responsibility in running the DATC program. The program provides residential treatment for convicted drug addicts, offering them an alternative to prison as a result of their conviction. The report contains data for all persons admitted to the program in 2011. The following information is presented in the report: demographic information, family situation, residence particulars, addiction details, and criminal history. Tables and figures