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NCJ Number
Judicature Volume: 77 Issue: 3 Dated: (November-December 1993) Pages: 166-173
E Martin
Date Published
8 pages
A journal article examines the influence of gender representation on women judges.
Members and nonmembers of the National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ) were asked a series of questions to determine how women judges' personal notions of gender representation influence their role orientations. General inquiries included: (1) Does the NAWJ act as a support group to promote a representative role for women judges; (2) Are NAWJ members more likely than non-members to support a representative role for women judges; and (3) Do NAWJ members undertake individual representative behaviors? Results indicate that NAWJ does act as a support group for women judges; NAWJ members are more likely to support representative roles for women judges; NAWJ members serve as role models for women attorneys; and, under appropriate circumstance, undertake specific behaviors to represent women's perspectives. Survey data from women judges attending the 1989 annual NAWJ conference also was presented. Results of the survey suggest that under appropriate circumstances women judges may undertake behavior designed to represent a woman's perspective. The author suggests that further research is needed to determine the perspectives of minority and men judges concerning representative role behavior. In addition, judicial decisions in family law courts should be examined for possible gender differences. 33 footnotes, 4 tables, sample responses to survey questions.


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