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Resource Material Series No. 36

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325 pages
This document contains presentations made at international seminars sponsored by the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders.
Participants noted that prison overcrowding is a significant problem facing both developed and developing countries. One presentation explored alternative sanctions in Europe such as victim compensation, curfews, electronic monitoring, fines, suspended sentences, and community service. Other presentations looked at the quality of police services and police effectiveness, police-community relations, the use of diversion and resocialization to relieve pressures on the German prison system, and the criminal justice system in China. Additional topics focused on the investigation and prosecution of offenses in England and Wales, criminal justice administration in Sri Lanka, judicial independence in Thailand, prison overcrowding in Hong Kong, noninstitutional treatment of Japanese offenders, inmate grievance systems in the United States, and the Prison Service of England and Wales. Finally, speakers examined the just desert model of corrections versus the rehabilitative ideal, offender classification, the Islamic criminal justice system in Saudi Arabia, prison overcrowding in Malaysia and Thailand, the criminal justice system in Papua New Guinea, juvenile crime, and juvenile justice administration. References, notes, tables, and figures