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Review of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

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Maryland's Criminal Injuries Compensation Board lacks specific guidelines on the speed of handling claims from crime victims and takes an average of 22 months to process claims that do not involved appeals.
The 33-percent rate of postponements of hearings is also significantly affecting the hearing schedule. Scheduling more hearings per day, developing a formal postponement policy, and changing the way postponed hearings are rescheduled would reduce the problems caused by postponements. The board also needs specific time policies and procedures for investigating claims. A formal diary system would ensure adherence to procedures. Using word processing and an automated claim tracking process would also be beneficial. These changes might allow most claims to be processed within 6 months. The current backlog of 800 claims should receive priority. The board's executive secretary needs to refocus his efforts toward management and away from the hearing and claims decision processes. Additional recommendations, proposed legislative changes, tables, footnotes, and appended tables and forms.