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Review of the Maryland Parole Commission

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67 pages
A 1986 management audit was conducted to review the mandate, activity levels, staff operations, and agency management of the Maryland Parole Commission.
The audit identified several problems that have produced a somewhat chaotic and unpleasant work environment, significant backlogs in virtually all key areas (e.g., case opening, sentence status change, correspondence, filings, case closings), and violations of both statutory and policy deadlines. Among specific problems are extreme levels of staff turnover at midmanagement and lower levels, improperly managed overtime, poor to nonexistent documentation, inadequacies in on-the-job training, and unclear and/or inadequately communicated performance expectations. In addition, job assignments are in a constant state of flux, management needs strengthening, morale problems are pervasive and significant, and personnel services have not always been timely or efficient. Finally, inmates, particularly those with short sentences, are not being scheduled for timely hearings, and in some cases, are not scheduled for hearings at all. Strong leadership and management skills will be needed to resolve these problems. Recommendations are appended.