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Role of Social Work in the Context of Social Disintegration and Violence

NCJ Number
New Directions for Youth Development Issue: 119 Dated: Fall 2008 Pages: 187-205
Kurt Moller
Date Published
19 pages
Utilizing the research linkage found between social disintegration theory and violence, this article examines the role of social work in reducing violence.
Violence in its various facets is now seen worldwide as one of the main and most explosive social problems. Violence is a product of structural, interactional, and individual processes. The theory of social disintegration provides a concept with the help of which the interaction of these process levels can be observed. In addition to its great power to explain violent phenomena, the theory provides a stimulating scientific backdrop for developing practical strategies for dealing with the social problem of violence. Social work can profit from this since it needs an integrative approach that makes the interplay of socioeconomic, political, cultural and socialization, individual, and situational factors the basis of its work. Social disintegration theory provides convincing explanations for central findings of international research on violence; therefore it can be used as a basis for developing basic principles for social measures to reduce violence. 40 notes