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Safe Schools Facilities Planner

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Date Published
February 1998
30 pages
These guidelines focus on the new construction and modifications to existing facilities, specific to the minimum suggested planning guidelines for public schools in North Carolina based on the recent research on the relationship between school size and other design components and climate and order in schools.
Across the Nation, unacceptable and criminal behavior on school campuses is of increasing concern to school administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and school children. Students enrolled in public schools have the right to attend safe, secure campuses. In North Carolina, safe school issues continue to challenge efforts in providing children with an optimum educational environment. In light of the recent research on the relationship between school design components and school climate and order, a directive was given to the North Carolina State Board of Education to review and consider modifications to its school facilities guidelines, as well as develop recommendations to local boards of education on modifications to the design or organization of existing schools improving school climate and order. This document presents guidelines limited to design-related concepts affecting school climate and order and is consistent with research findings on school climate and school size from the early 1960's through 1995. The planning guidelines are divided into four primary sections: crime prevention through environmental control, school size, health and safety, and school climate and order. The planning guidelines are provided for guidance purposes and are appropriate for new construction and the redesign and modification of existing public school facilities. References