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School Violence Prevalence, Fears, and Prevention

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Jaana Juvonen
Date Published
8 pages
This paper describes the options currently available to schools to combat school violence.
This paper examines the problem of school violence and what schools are doing, and are able to do, to combat the problem. A review of current literature indicates that school violence is most common in large schools and that middle school students are the most likely targets of violent behavior. In addition, the literature indicates a connection between bullying and more serious violent behavior. In order to combat the problem of school violence, schools have implemented a variety of programs. These programs are discussed in detail and include the use of physical surveillance through the presence of security guards or officers on campus; school policies designed to prevent violence by punishing those who perpetrate violence; instruction-based programs designed to address the precursors of violence, including bullying; profiling of potentially violent individuals; counseling at0risk students; and conflict mediation and resolution. The paper also examines the most popular and the most effective school safety measures. 30 notes