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Shopping Mall Safety: A Police Response

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D Glover
Date Published
38 pages
The relationship between law enforcement agencies and security in shopping malls is starting to be defined, and ramifications and impacts medium-sized law enforcement agencies may experience when providing shopping mall security are addressed.
Because criminals are attracted to shopping malls and such criminals are frequently young people, retail businesses are heightening security with the use of electronic monitoring systems and other crime prevention measures. A futures study conducted to clarify the relationship between law enforcement and private security at shopping malls focused on how new or developing technology will impact the delivery of shopping mall security services, how community values will affect law enforcement's role in shopping mall security, and how costs of providing shopping mall security services will be distributed. Strategic planning and analysis revealed that change and improved shopping mall security require the application of various techniques and technologies and that police departments and private security agencies must cooperate in providing shopping mall security services. Recommendations for future action are suggested that concern economic trends, community values, new technology, demographic trends, and legislation. 52 references, 20 endnotes, and 1 table