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Slovenski Mediji in Kultura (Ne)Nasilja; Mass Media in Slovenia and a Culture of (Non)Violence

NCJ Number
Revija za kriminalistiko in krimilogijo Volume: 52 Issue: 4 Dated: October-December 2001 Pages: 303-313
Dragan Petrvec L.L.D
Date Published
October 2001
11 pages
This article presents a two part study of the impact of the portrayal of violence by the media on Slovenian culture.
The author reviewed the results of the study entitled "Violence in the Media." The first portion of the article reviews theoretical information on media violence and cultural influences. The second portion reviews empirical data on the representation of violence in the mass media. Study data came from comparisons of daily news broadcasts and also from analysis of Slovenia’s most popular newspaper. The study revealed a disparity in the violence shown by national and commercial television, and found that in general commercial television showed substantially more violence. Review of the newspaper data showed that 80 percent of the headlines corresponded to stories with violent content. The author states that this level of violent content is excessive, but recognizes that censorship is not an appropriate solution. 16 References, 3 tables